Steven Kristopher’s musical beginnings were in church, where at the young age of 8, he sat in the front row and watched what the drummer was doing and learned to play drums . In Junior High, he took up the Alto Saxophone which he played in school orchestra for 3 years. After playing drums in Church for awhile, and taking up the harmonica, he found the piano to be his one true instrument. He started writing songs immediately, which were as any new creation, not amazing, but he was on his way to his own way of expression that he’s found today.

As he wrote songs and played around town locally in Los Angeles, California, his birthplace, he had the opportunity to help form the band Midnight to Twelve. Playing piano and keyboards for the band was where he shined, and after countless shows across the entire country, Radio and Television success, he felt his life was taking him in a new direction.

His first full length album, The Peaceful Piano, was recorded in early 2009. It is an instrumental solo piano album initially created as a way for parents and teachers to calm children during school or naptime, and became an album that gained a wider audience all over the world. It is still used today in many homes, schools, hospitals, and spas for relaxation and enjoying the quiet times in life. Because of his love for Christmas music, he followed up this album in late 2009 with The Christmas Peaceful Piano, which is essentially 11 traditional Christmas songs in solo piano form for the holidays. Again, this album was received very well by his audience.

And now, after five months in the studio, and a lot of introspection, his newest offering is a Singer/Songwriter solo album called Brand New Road, which lyrically and musically takes you on the journey he’s been on for the last ten years and into the transition that he’s experiencing now. This album is full of hope, positivity, and lessons learned. This is only the beginning for this artist, who looks to produce music that is not only thought provoking, but universally appealing to a wide audience that looks for truth, hope, and passion in today’s music.